Unravelling the Complexity of Biology with High-Parameter Research - Praha

Unravelling the Complexity of Biology with High-Parameter Research - Praha

Unravelling the Complexity of Biology with High-Parameter Research - Praha

Velmi rádi bychom Vás pozvali na přednášku specialisty pro Imaging Mass Cytometry, Roberta Spada (Fluidigm): Unravelling the Complexity of Biology with High-Parameter Research, která se bude konat
12. února 2019 v Ústavu experimentální medicíny v Praze.

Roberto Spada představí unikátní kvantitativní způsob analýzy histologických řezů a jiných fixovaných preparátů. Patentovaná CYTOF technologie umožňuje kvantifikovat až 40 proteinových markerů v jediném vzorku. Stejně vysoký počet proteinových markerů lze stanovit i u jednotlivých buněk z buněčné suspenze metodou hmotnostní cytometrie, která bude podrobně popsána.

Se svými zkušenostmi s touto technologií se podělí Martina Vášková, Ph.D. z Oddělení dětské hematologie a onkologie, 2. LF UK, nemocnice Motol přednáškou nazvanou Leukemia Involving More than One Lineage Investigated by Mass Cytometry

Description of the seminar

The seminar is going to be a general introduction into CyTOF technology (Helios and Hyperion) showing the basics of the unique technology, the applications and publication reviews of how and where they are being used. It will be a Fludigm seminar that will focus on scientific content and the means that allowed these discoveries to be made. The first part will be introduced by Roberto Spada from Fluidigm who is in charge of business development for Mass Cytometry (Helios and the Hyperion Imaging System) in all of EMEA. The experience with the technology will describe Martina Vášková from Department of Paediatric Haematology and Oncology, 2nd Faculty of Medicine, Charles University and Motol University Hospital.

Helios: mass cytometry

Mass cytometry uniquely combines time-of-flight mass spectrometry with Maxpar metal-labeling technology to enable breakthrough discovery and comprehensive functional profiling applications. Cellular targets are labeled with metal-tagged antibodies and detected and quantified by time-of-flight mass spectrometry. The high purity and choice of metal isotopes provide minimal background noise from signal overlap or endogenous cellular components. And 135 available detection channels ensure an ongoing ability to add more parameters, enabling you to fully study the functional complexity of biological systems at the single-cell level. 

Hyperion: IMC – imaging mass cytometry

The Hyperion Imaging System brings proven CyTOF® technology together with imaging capability to empower simultanous interrogation of 4 to 37 protein markers using Imaging Mass Cytometry™ (IMC™). Using this system, you can deeply interrogate tissues and tumors at subcellular resolution while preserving the information in tissue architecture and cellular morphology to uncover new biomarker correlations and cell interactions. With the ability to utilize up to 135 channels to detect additional parameters, the Hyperion Imaging System is ideal to meet your image analysis needs today and well into the future.

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