Element Biosciences webinar about Cloudbreak FreeStyle

Element Biosciences webinar about Cloudbreak FreeStyle

Element Biosciences webinar about Cloudbreak FreeStyle

Dear Customers,

Join our webinar, "Superior Results, Simplified Sequencing: The Element AVITI™ System with new Cloudbreak Freestyle™ Kits." 

Efficiency and flexibility are at the forefront of our sequencing experiments. Our Element AVITI™ system, a cutting-edge benchtop sequencer, is designed to conduct cost-effective, high-quality runs across a wide range of experiments without the hassle of batching. Whether you're processing 100 million reads or 2 billion, AVITI™ delivers flexible throughput at exceptionally low cost, saving you time and resources without compromising performance. 

In addition, we are introducing our new Cloudbreak Freestyle™ kits, which are specifically designed to streamline your AVITI™ workflow by eliminating the library conversion step. Cloudbreak Freestyle™ seamlessly integrates with most third-party libraries, saving valuable preparation time while maintaining the high-quality data output you expect. 

During this webinar, you will: 

 • Discover how the Element AVITI™ System delivers industry-leading data quality, flexibility, and affordability with avidity base chemistry and dual flow cell capacity. 

• Learn how to get started with Cloudbreak Freestyle, which enables seamless compatibility with most third-party libraries with no library conversion steps. 

• See how Cloudbreak Freestyle simplifies the workflow for a wide range of applications, such as whole genome, whole exome, and single-cell RNA sequencing. 

Date: Wednesday, May 8 


  • 9am PST | 6pm CET 
  • 5pm PST | 8am SGT | 9am JST | 10am AEST 


  • Karthik Ganapathy, Associate Director, Product Management, Element Biosciences 
  • Geoffrey Lowman, PhD, Director, Genomic Applications, Element Biosciences 

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