AVITI Democratizes Access to NGS

AVITI Democratizes Access to NGS

AVITI Democratizes Access to NGS

Dear Customers,

We are very pleased to announce that we have started cooperation with the newly established American company Element Biosciences and have become authorized distributors for the Czech Republic and Slovakia. This is a prestigious start-up that raises great expectations in the field of NGS (next-generation sequencing).

We are introducing the new AVITI sequencer, which features unprecedentedly high read quality, affordable price of the instrument and sequencing itself, and especially a pro-customer approach.

The instrument has 2 independent flow cells and thus serves you as 2 sequencers in one. RCA (rolling circle amplification) prevents the propagation of PCR errors and a special molecule called avidite allows accurate base detection with low reagent consumption. Sequencing output routinely exceeds Q40 and has unmatched performance in homopolymer-rich regions.

AVITI may also be of interest to current users of other NGS platforms. The cost of running the NextSeq 2000 instrument alone, for example, exceeds the purchase price and operating costs of the AVITI platform after only 6 months. 

The AVITI sequencer forms the main link in DYNEX's complete NGS portfolio from sample to result. It perfectly complements

  • with nucleic acid isolation and quality analysis solutions (Macherey-Nagel, Revvity),
  • library preparation chemistry and automation instruments (Revvity, Celemics, Standard Biotools)
  • and subsequent bioinformatic data processing (Euformatics)

We believe that AVITI offers many advantages for your NGS lab and its launch is a milestone in the field of NGS not only in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. We believe that AVITI is revolutionary for its technical advantages as well as for making NGS available to a wider range of laboratories.

Our team is ready to introduce AVITI to you and we look forward to exploring new possibilities in NGS together.


Your DYNEX team


More information can be found here.

Find more information on Element Biosciences websites:

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