Element Bio: further milestones in NGS

Element Bio: further milestones in NGS

Element Bio: further milestones in NGS

Dear Customers,

Element Biosciences CEO Molly He has announced further NGS milestones that will take AVITI to the next level

  • Expert mode HD - Enhanced output options. An instrument option that allows users to generate 20 to 70 percent more reads per run from all sequencing kits. This advanced feature reduces sequencing costs – improving costs for many applications including single cell sequencing.

  • Cloudbreak Freestyle - Maximizing compatibility and ease of use. A new sequencing kit that is directly compatible with more than 95 percent of library preparation kits on the market. Freestyle eliminates library conversion steps and streamlines AVITI sequencing with a wide diversity of library types, saving valuable time and effort.

  • Cloudbreak UltraQ - The first commercial Q50 kit. Element continues to set the industry standard for high quality sequencing. With Cloudbreak UltraQ, researchers gain access to unmatched accuracy that is 100-fold higher than available methods. UltraQ empowers investigations requiring the highest sequencing accuracy and coupled with the standard features of the AVITI platform, provides insights into complex genetic variants and challenging regions of the genome.

  • Trinity – New on-flowcell library workflows. Trinity spearheads Element’s efforts to comprehensively support on-board sample preparation. This innovation simplifies targeted sequencing, including exome sequencing, to a simple, on-flowcell workflow and creates a new level of convenience, flexibility, and performance.

  • AVITI24 - Sequencer meets cellular decoder. Leveraging the superior avidity base chemistry, the AVITI24 will be the first instrument to combine its state-of-the-art sequencing capabilities with the simultaneous measurement of multiple analytes, including DNA, RNA, proteins, phosphorylated proteins, and cell morphology, at unparalleled speed and output. This transformative capability allows scientists to analyze data from multiple time points within biologically relevant signaling pathways or analyze multiple drug concentrations or any combination of these measurements from the same run in under 24 hours.

We will contact you soon with details.

Your Dynex team

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