Q-POC: a new platform for rapid PCR diagnostics

Q-POC: a new platform for rapid PCR diagnostics

Q-POC: a new platform for rapid PCR diagnostics

Dear Customers,

In recent years, POCT platforms for rapid PCR diagnostics have become trendy for use in urgent cases and possibly also at locations outside the laboratory. The acronym POCT (point-of-care test) stands for point-of-care test. The Covid pandemic has only added to the pressure on manufacturers to focus on this type of test, and the result is a number of different POCT platforms on the market that are focused specifically on Covid. We have been looking for a solution for rapid PCR diagnostics, with a particular focus on making sure that the solution is versatile and not just "Covid specific" and that it provides truly trustworthy results.

We are pleased to introduce the UK company QuantuMDx, with whom we have just signed a distribution agreement. Their Q-POC platform now represents a significant component within DYNEX's molecular biology portfolio. It enables fully automated multiplex PCR testing from sample to result in under 30 minutes. Everything from sample processing, nucleic acid extraction to the actual analysis takes place in a cartridge that is future-ready for micro-array technology. Currently available respiratory panel: SARS-CoV-2, FluA/B and RSV. Other interesting panels are already under development. We believe that Q-POC will also be an interesting solution for you economically.

Let Q-POC give you a no-obligation demonstration at your workplace before the next wave starts. Do not hesitate to contact us, we look forward to meeting you.

Your DYNEX team

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