We are coming to you with a new portfolio

We are coming to you with a new portfolio

We are coming to you with a new portfolio

Dear customers,

we are coming to you with a new portfolio and we would like to offer you a new complete molecular-biological solution for your laboratory. We have chosen a guarantee of quality, reliability, and availability, which is so important for you today.

Our most important new partners are companies:

Since 1993 Macherey-Nagel (MN) develops and manufactures a comprehensive range of ready to use kits for nucleic acid (RNA and DNA) and protein purification. All over the world scientists work successfully with MN products based on e.g., silica membrane, anion exchange, and magnetic bead technology. MN products cover a broad spectrum of applications including kits compatible with QIAcube, as well as many magnetic bead based Kits that are ready for automation on various open-access platforms.

PerkinElmer Genomics
PerkinElmer, Inc. is an American global company with more than 80 years of tradition in the production of diagnostics and diagnostic devices, products for research in the fields of natural sciences, the environment, and industrial testing. The best-known products in the PerkinElmer Genomics section include automated nucleic acid extraction instruments, liquid handling equipment, and automatic preparation of NGS libraries, a unique platform for capillary electrophoresis. We believe that kits for creating NGS libraries and many others bring great success.

Bio-Rad is currently one of the leading companies in the field of clinical diagnostics, Life Science, and analytical instruments. For six decades, it has been providing the healthcare industry with innovative products that help medical diagnostics get faster and better results. The CFX96 Touch real-time PCR thermocycler is considered the "gold standard" of current diagnostics and is the core product of this new portfolio.

Sigma / Roche / KAPA / Novagen
Thanks to the international contracts held by these multinational companies, it has been possible to create a portfolio of molecular biological reagents and enzymes and combine them in an interesting combination for cloning, transfection, and various types of PCR to meet the most demanding quality requirements expected of these major brands.

Finnish biomedical software company specializing in bioinformatics tools for quality management of genomic data and interpretation of variants with emphasis on clinical samples. Helps better interpret the diagnosis of cancer, common or rare diseases using NGS technology.


Other news includes products for highly specialized workplaces, such as forensic laboratories. On this occasion, we would also like to remind our existing partners, who also play a significant role in the complete solution from DYNEX:

 •  Sacace Biotechnologies and Ecoli as major suppliers of PCR diagnostics and automated nucleic acid   
 •  EUROIMMUN real-time PCR kits and microarray diagnostics
 •  higher capacity platforms from NeuMoDx™ for full automation of PCR diagnostics
 •  INDICAL BIOSCIENCE as a major supplier of veterinary diagnostics and extraction systems for veterinary
    and human applications
 •  as well as the innovative Fluidigm microfluidic technology
 •  crystallization technology from Molecular Dimensions
 •  Biotools, B & M Labs with its best-known product Termi-DNA-Tor (decontamination spray) 
 •  and instrumentation from Thermo Fisher Scientific Finnpipette pipettes
 •  through Biosan benchtop laboratory instruments
 •  to laminar and PCR ESCO boxes.

We believe that you will like our new portfolio and we stay in touch. Do not hesitate to ask us for a quality, reliable, and most importantly, affordable alternative to our former products!

Your DYNEX team


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